Welcome to studio51!

Born in 2006, studio51 is a special architectural practice which evolved in time. studio51 is an ongoing project started back in the college years as a global name that covers our activity, our ideals, goals and aspirations. Is more then a simple established practice, it has a rich background story that you can read about in the history section.

The website now hosts works of architecture, graphic design, visualization, restoration etc. Some of the projects are made for the university and some are collaborations with various architects and specialists.

You are invited to visit the portofolio and other activities signed by studio51 : architecture workshop, exhibitions and some where studio51 took part of: competitions.

Dont forget to follow the online blog and the personal sketchblog dpp.studio51.ro.

Special thanks to MSc Eng. Cosmin Dumitru for hosting and consulting in maintenance.

arch. Radu Florea

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