Architecture – Personal work

The Pyramid (Troița) project.

A “Troița” is a Romanian shrine, dedicated to maintain faith in the utmost parts of the countryside, where a church cannot be built. A small symbol, usually carved in wood or stone that reminds you of another man that was there before you, recomforting you on your way and that unknown forces, holy spirit is with you. Your spirit calms down as its soothing effect enters your body, relaxing your anxiety or despair that you are lost on your trail. 

The project is an experimental Troița / Shrine in a mountain village, for which my client had some clear ideas : should be a glass pyramid that holds inside an inverted cross, in which all man can enter, because the best cross – is the human itself with his arms stretched wide.

one of the types proposed, 3d model online :

conceptual sketch from the design phase
conceptual sketch