Paintings – Vintage

Paintings done by me and my brother at age 13, while in the 7th grade for gymnasium school. The themes were loose, but I had plenty of ideas and visions for 2020 it seems …

In the 6th or 7th grade, I also had my first theater play “Beauty and the Beast”, with me in center role of playing the “Beast”. Maybe it was my curiosity with history or the Dacians that brought me to listen to 666 – Paradox (Techno songs) or Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast, always curious for mystical stuff, deep into the unknown, deeper down below.

As professor Adrian Bucurescu’s theories on decoding 666 it seems is a benefical number for geto-dacians, a spiritual reform year, a change for the better. You just have to check his blog for more interesting information on history, culture and Romania :

Oriental Classics from TIMIȘOARA, the city where the Revolution in România started in 1989. Oddly enough, in the 7th grade while at Băile Herculane (in Banat, near Timișoara – Mediteranean Climate) i killed 89 annoying bats in our hotel with 3 friends, equipped with badminton raquets. It was our first revolution ever.

Maybe all artists intuition go in the same place, somewhere is the meeting point we all wait for :

And of course my all time favorite Mihai “Michael” Crețu of ENIGMA Project, born in România, schooled in Berlin and now residing in IBIZA, Spain … 🙂

This is his latest album, envisioning the end of the world. Apocalypse and global reset.