Manzana, Barcelona, 30x40cm watercolor, dec.2020, 100€

Manzana in spanish means Apple. The Apple is seen as a symbol of sin / redemption in the Christian beliefs, while the ancient Celtic wisdom considered it a symbol of rebirth, the Tree of Life.

The “Manzana” is called a square block, part of the Plan Cerda of the Eixample, the extension of Barcelona in the grid-system of streets. It is the cell that is made between some streets. This is the interior of our “block” or “manzana” in Barcelona, on Gran Via, the interior courtyard.

Macca Vilacrosse Passage – Bucharest, 19x27cm watercolour, 150€ (with frame)

30×38.5cm black frame, watercolour part of the 2018 Urban Sketchers Romania – Bucureștiul pe Tapet (Bucharest on Canvas) first group exhibition

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urban sketchers presentation (edited by arch. Radu Florea, sketches from almost all included)

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