Sub Cununi, 21x28cm b/w watercolour, 2017, 50€

A watercolour I did in the Village Museum with Cristina back in 2017 after my 6 hour walk to Comana that led me to a personal 3 years of hell and psychiatric abuse [Ro].

Cristina’s father is very passionate about dacians so I took her to see the polygonal sheep shelter (“Staurul de oi poligonal”) from the ancient small village of “Sub Cununi” (in romanian Cătunul “Sub Cununi”) in Grădiștea de Munte, Hunedoara County.

“Sub Cununi” (under wreaths) village has a very distinct symbolic and mystical meaning in Romanian language, rendering this building in magic. Its shape is a reminder of a possible interpretation of the more ancient dacian dwellings of Sarmizegetusa Regia, the famous capital that is nearby.

You can find many polygonal wooden structures on the high peaks of Godeanu mountains, near Regia, as well as many legends about wolves, wolf spirits, werewolves and lycantropy.

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