Dacia 13oo “ALFA”, 21x29cm pastel, 500€

Pastel drawing and black marker on cigarette ashes, 2020 june. Made in PITEȘTI.

Text says “ALFA” and “de EA nu poți scăpa, oriunde te-ai AFLA” (english : You cannot escape HER, no matter where you ARE). Complete with original marker stains and Alin / Alina mysterious notes of the artist, to be revealed 13 years after the purchase. A quest hidden inside the drawing. Available also in print, copy (scaled 50×70 or more 100x70cm). By popular request, as it one of the best after-Barcelona drawings … I can do commissions with the same theme on large scale canvases (acrylic).

It is inspired by my Grandfather Iulian’s vintage car Dacia 1300 by Renault. He had a “cream” coloured version (not yellow) but he liked to call it “Blonda” (the Blonde), and he spent all his weekends with her. A trusty companion.

Dacia is the Romanian car built in Pitești based on french Renault technologies, but the name “Dacia” comes from the ancient name of our lands.


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