Before ’89, 13x19cm 2 watercolours, 50€

It was one of my first sketch-sessions with the Urban Sketchers group in 2018, coming back from psychiatry trips and all that jive. Still a bit dark and cold in my soul, so I used blues and gloomy atmosphere. We were drawing Revolution Square in Bucharest, Victoriei Avenue, Crețulescu church etc.

One of the sketchers there, Carmen, who later on proved a real friend asked me in her always cheerful mood, with a large smile “What is this, Radu? Is this Bucharest before 1989?” (n.ed. : Romanian Revolution year, fall of communism). I found it so fitting, that I named the two watercolours this way :

Before ’89 (Înainte de ’89) – sold

and Strike (before ’89), also adding some people and revolutionary flags, that obviously were not on the streets in 2018.


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