Cornu – Prahova, 21x29cm Watercolours, poems (Ro), 70€/pc.

Its the inner fire of another’s person you feel, not his look, nor his talking or CV, or even what you know before about him. That is the same thing you can feel around Ana-Maria, one of the most intense women on earth, being put through a lot of hell in her life, in all departments. A fierceful Leo, one night out with her can spark your creativity beyond reasoning, and you end up all night painting and writing poems for the very first time in your life. This is Ana, and if you ever have the honour to meet her in full beast mode, having her around as your friend will change your life forever.

Poems and watercolours were designed for Cornu historical monument dedicated to war heroes, for a brass plated memorial “text”.

More on the project :

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