Comana Monastery,19x19cm ink on cardboard, 70€

2018 Sketch made right in the moment friend and architect Mugur Popa of Urban Sketchers Romania Group told us : “Fuck those phones, lets draw!” … a memorable line that will go down in time, for that we were all focusing on mobile phones, facebook posts, our online false avatars and illusion of a life and we were completely missing real life : raw and cut, lively, under the sun, natural and wild. I always had this kind of love-hate relationship with him, because both a bit hard-headed, but I always admired his artistic fire, leading this wild lively group to the most wonderful trips and moments yet to be told. His “artistic flight” well beyond reach for many, he did not mind for small fights, nor enjoyed them but see them just as parts of life … the blackest of them souls, giving the one of the most unrivaled, bright and inspiring lights. You can see his artwork and even buy online, – he was one of the most wonderful “flights” painted, “marines” – seascapes and more. Rest-assured be that one of this painting will bring your daily life the “uplift” current you need to take-off or the necessary “wind” in your veils (yes, he is from Constanța and also a trained sailor, captain)

The Comana Monastery Trip in 2018 was one of the most beautiful we organized together up to date. Five cars full of painters and a moment that could melt hearts and literally make you forget even to eat, for you were feeding on the energy of the group and its artistic fervour. Unbelievable and uplifting, at one of the most if not the most beautiful Monasteries in Romania : Vlad Țepeș ‘s swampy Comana, set in the mysterious, labyrintical and mystical natural settings of the Neajlov Delta, a wonder of nature near Bucharest. A natural landscape you will not easily forget if you decide to visit, you will also enjoy the Adventure Park, nice meals, traditions and history and of course the Monastery led by wonderful monks, fond of culture and Romanian History, with a fire inside them that can melt even the iciest hearts, showing them the portal to history and also the Heroes Cult, having many activities dedicated to war heroes, memorial architecture and other historical tributes, all in the name of the Romanian destiny.

Below more photos from the event, 15 july 2018 :

billboard – logo / poster design for the event
my greatest joy of the Urban Sketchers Trip to Comana Monastery in 2018 was making the poor children and beggars around Comana to come paint with us, showing them that we are all inside in fact an artist and we can achieve anything we want, sketching our inner wildest dreams with only a pen and some paper. And Desire. A sparkling creative group, USK, sparking communities, ideas in others … to wake up and go on, go create and change the world …


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