OUG13-Implosion, 20x28cm watercolour

An implosion is the abrupt, violent collapse of something large. When an old building needs to be removed to make way for new structures, implosion is often used as a controlled way to destroy it.

The painting depicts the very thing I felt in my heart … back in 2017 in the Romanian Spring Protests (Arab Summer kind of way) when I felt everything inside exploding, history, values, virtues .. all the political unrest coming crushing down on the backbone of why we existed, because of our own indifference … and I decided not to hit Jandarmerie, nor to Boycott protesters for both sides where right … to take a walk to Comana Monastery, to cooloff, just to be deemed maniac and bipolar, and then haunted 3 years by family, friends and everyone else … for having too intense emotions….

I called it back then … 1989-2017 = 30 years, one revolution …a revolution of our generation

This is a re-make after the original OUG 13 Explosion painting, based on Romania’s National Flag, a gradient feeling and the turmoil of our society.

This design is based on the correct “cocarda” design, with the Blue (deep Sadness I thought …) in the middle.

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