COVID19 epidemy and isolation in Barcelona got me inspired to write some ideas down, the lyrical way. Here are some Catalan poems, Spanish and Romanian language experiments… (you can find more online here on my blog, at G. chapter – Poezie / Poetry)

Espera si Us Plau ! , in catalan (Nuria Oton Catala & Radu Florea)

Un fort i llunya, un urlat dins
Cosir des de molt lluny
Eus estimem, pero no volem amar
Tancar las portes …
Y obriu les finestres
Finestres de les nostres animes
animes del dol, animes del sol
Anhel d’or
Dintre del cor


Broken Wings of Humanity…

oh! br0ken wings of destiny…
behind the sadmask of tragedy,
we found the lies, the comedy
Pandemic of our own insanity
Is it a disease or a cure ?


Shades of Autumn / November Rain, nov. 2020

So fell autumn’s deadly rain
A wind howling of eternal pain
Sandstorm of our tears in vain
Leaves are blown and branches slain
Yet nothing can break our chain …