Bisbe la Guarda XIII, 21x29cm watercolour 2018

“Bisbe la Guarda 13” renamed after the street in Sant Antoni neighbourhood of Barcelona. We stopped at number 13 accidentally to talk with a shop owner about a nice graphic message in their window.

The literal translation from Catalan is “Bishop, the Guard”. Laguarda (Juan José Laguarda y Fenollera) as a historical figure was born in 1866 in Valencia and became Bishop of Barcelona in 1909 only to die 4 years later in 1913.

Original name was “Străjerul dintr-un vechi castel” (The Guard from the old Castle), inspired by Dumitru-Furnica Minovici museum guide, the tree of life depicted on his armour and the place where I did the painting.

It was painted on location at Sinaia – The Royal Palace of Peleș in 2018 with the Urban Sketchers, at the “Guardhouse” set of buildings (Corpul de Gardă). It is one of the bronze statues of the royal guards, overlooking the entrance to the Peleș Castle.

București, Palatul Ligii Culturale – tuș 24x32cm, 2020

proiectat în 1926 de arh. Ion D. Trajanescu în stil neoromânesc. Un arhitect nu așa cunoscut, dar cu proiecte foarte speciale printre care și Monumentul Eroilor din Pitești, Biserica Belvedere din zona Sportului Studențesc sau Catedrala Mitropolitană din Timișoara. Îi sunt caracteristice “fleșele” care străpung cerul (pentru non arhitecți, un acoperiș extrem de ascuțit, dar e același termen și pentru atacul săgetat la scrimă) …

Palatul Ligii Culturale a fost și sediul redacției revistei Neamul Românesc, publicație sub îndrumarea istoricului Nicolae Iorga.

vis-a-vis (dreapta) se află Palatul Societății Tinerimea Română, proiectat de prima femeie arhitect din România – Maria Virgina Andreescu-Haret

ambele imobile sunt ridicate în “mahalaua” Gorganilor, în apropiere de strada Gutenberg, unde la numărul 3 s-a aflat “Casa Verde” – sediul Mișcării Legionare, iar mai lângă pe strada Silfidelor, chiar pe gorganul de pământ … Biserica Sfântul Ilie sau “Biserica Legionarilor”

tuș pe hârtie, 24x32cm
21.09.2020 – o zi prea însorită de toamnă

Plaça d’Espanya, Barcelona – fountain 24×32 watercolour, 2020

Monumental fountain in the Plaça Espanya

The monumental fountain that rises up in the centre of the Plaça Espanya is one of the iconic images of this part of Barcelona. You can enjoy great views of this impressive classical-style monument from any corner of the plaza. This sculptural ensemble marks the gateway to the avenue leading to the grounds of the 1929 International Exhibition.

Mayrhofen Hintertux 2007, watercolour 21x29cm

Mayrhofen is a town in the Zillertal (Ziller river valley) in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is located approximately an hour from the Tyrolean capital city of Innsbruck.

Apartment Taverne painted from our Austria and North of Italy 2007 family trip.

Mayrhofen’s coat of arms is interestingly enough, the now extinct Alpine Ibex (Capra Ibex or Goat).

Biserica de lemn din Turea – județul Cluj, 23x31cm watercolour, 2018

32x42cm white frame, watercolour on white paper, part of the 2019 Urban Sketchers Romania – ARToteca Exhibition (PMB) second group exhibition

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Artoteca3-2-1024x683.jpg
The 3 watercolours exhibited (Snagov, Belgrade, Cluj – wooden church Turea)
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Official Urban Sketchers Flag
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here with Claudiu Popescu of Urban Sketchers group, talented painter and friend

more on the project, below :

Gloriette, Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna – 21x29cm ink and drops of rain, 2007

The largest and probably best-known gloriette is in the Schönbrunn Palace garden in Vienna. Built in 1775 as the last building constructed in the garden according to the plans of Austrian imperial architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg as a “temple of renown” to serve as both a focal point and a lookout point for the garden, it was used as a dining hall and festival hall as well as a breakfast room for emperor Franz Joseph I. The dining hall, which was used up until the end of the monarchy, today has a café in it, and on the roof an observation platform overlooks Vienna. The gloriette’s decorative sculptures were made by the famous Salzburg sculptor Johann Baptist von Hagenauer.

The gloriette is dedicated as a Monument to Just War, that which leads to peace.

I was in the Schönbrunn Palace Garden talking with my collegues about the ArDealu Frumos summer project when we stopped for a quick sketch here. It started raining, but I thought the droplets made a nice effect on the black ink … so I let the rain settle a bit on the drawing before saving it.

Răpciuni, Neamț wooden church Muzeul Satului, 21x29cm – watercolour 2018

Răpciuni Wooden Church from Neamț County, România.

“Răpciuni” is the popular name for September, meaning “Harvest” or “Reaping”. More like the Grim Reaper.

RO : Răpciune m. numele popular al lunei Septemvrie. [Lat. RAPTIONEM, seceriș: lit. luna secerișului]. Seceriș, de la seceră și “a secera”, unealtă cu o formă care are strămoși sau este derivată direct din armele încovoiate ale dacilor (Dacorum Falces).

CEC ONE, 29x42cm watercolour, 2020

13.09.2020 A3 Urban Painting with the CEC Palace – Bank of Bucharest, România.

I remember I absolutely loved my Mother’s story about this building … four corner towers and a big central tower that is in fact a skylight made of a light thin steel structure, pouring light into the whole building, an awesome view from outside but a real experience from the inside. And what I most loved about her story is that the central tower had an “independent” structure, to protect the glass skylight and steel trusses in case of earthquakes.

Photos shot with my trusty companion, Xiaomi MY MIX 2 … flagship-like designer-signed, dual-sim chinese smartphone.

Eclectic Bucharest, 21x29cm watercolour, 2018

Drawing I made for Urban Sketchers : Bucureștiul pe Tapet Project ( Bucharest on the Wallpaper ) : Art Book and Exhibition. I was so excited about the concept and the manifesto of the group that I even draw a “Stop” sign believing in the force of the group to turn their “collective art” into unbelievable dreams.

more about the exhibition :

more about the art book :

more about Urban Sketchers – România

and a video compiled by me to get the Art Gallery attention for the project :

Sub Cununi, 21x28cm b/w watercolour, 2017

A watercolour I did in the Village Museum with Cristina back in 2017 after my 6 hour walk to Comana that led me to a personal 3 years of hell and psychiatric abuse [Ro].

Cristina’s father is very passionate about dacians so I took her to see the polygonal sheep shelter (“Staurul de oi poligonal”) from the ancient small village of “Sub Cununi” (in romanian Cătunul “Sub Cununi”) in Grădiștea de Munte, Hunedoara County.

“Sub Cununi” (under wreaths) village has a very distinct symbolic and mystical meaning in Romanian language, rendering this building in magic. Its shape is a reminder of a possible interpretation of the more ancient dacian dwellings of Sarmizegetusa Regia, the famous capital that is nearby.

You can find many polygonal wooden structures on the high peaks of Godeanu mountains, near Regia, as well as many legends about wolves, wolf spirits, werewolves and lycantropy.

Canton de Drum, 24x30cm watercolour, 2018

“Canton de Drum” translates to A Roadside Canton, meaning a small building for administrative purposes you meet on the roadside, obviously. This one was painted in the Village Museum of Bucharest in 2018 with the Urban Sketchers Group, but you can see many of similar or identical buildings all over the country as it was a type of construction designed to be applied everywhere.

You can read more about these wonderful buildings here.

Macca Vilacrosse Passage – Bucharest, 19x27cm watercolour

30×38.5cm black frame, watercolour part of the 2018 Urban Sketchers Romania – Bucureștiul pe Tapet (Bucharest on Canvas) first group exhibition

more on the project, below :

urban sketchers presentation (edited by arch. Radu Florea, sketches from almost all included)

exhibition related links :

album @Sigma Gallery

exhibition promo animation :

Snagov Monastery – Church, 20x28cm drawing

32x42cm white frame, liner and marker on white paper, part of the 2019 Urban Sketchers Romania – ARToteca Exhibition (PMB) second group exhibition

The 3 watercolours exhibited (Snagov, Belgrade, Cluj – wooden church Turea)
Official Urban Sketchers Flag
here with Claudiu Popescu of Urban Sketchers group, talented painter and friend

more on the project, below :

Peterskirche, Viena 21x29cm pastel, 2007

Rătăcit de familie în excursia în Austria, chiar în Viena fiind, am reușit să mă întâlnesc cu colega mea arhitectă Sabina Bârsan și apoi și cu ceilalți colegi, Dan Andreșan și Cristi, pentru o vizită memorabilă la Palatul Schönbrunn.

Era Mai 2007 și pe atunci proiectul nostru studențesc de vară se chema încă Ardeal Tour 2007. În grădina din Schönbrunn a prins viață ideea ArtDealu Frumos și apoi mai simplu ArDealu Frumos, de la Dealu Frumos evident. Parcă Dan venise cu jocul de cuvinte dacă îmi aduc bine aminte. Sau a fost chimia de grup ? ce mai contează. Restul a fost istorie …

În Peterskirche m-a văzut Sabina că am caietul de schițe la mine și m-a întrebat dacă pot face și spațiul interior. Spațiu interior este extrem de dificil de controlat deoarece barocul urmărește niște elipse care deformează percepția vizuală în mod intenționat, pentru mai mult dramatism. Dar am acceptat provocarea …

Viena, ce oraș de poveste …

Un alt loc interesant din Viena este Anker Uhr Clock, un ceas din 1914 realizat în Jugendstil, favoritul mamei mele. Este o metaforă interesantă referitoare la viață și moarte în jurul soarelui, fiind construit de compania de asigurări Anker (acum Helvetia) ca parte din extinderea sediului lor dar și cu un mesaj subliminal, viața este trecătoare și să nu uităm … să ne asigurăm.

și bineînțeles, preferatul meu … imensul clopot Pummerin din Stephansdom, cel mai mare din Austria.

Dacia 13oo “ALFA”, 21x29cm pastel

Pastel drawing and black marker on cigarette ashes, 2020 june. Made in PITEȘTI.

Text says “ALFA” and “de EA nu poți scăpa, oriunde te-ai AFLA” (english : You cannot escape HER, no matter where you ARE). Complete with original marker stains and Alin / Alina mysterious notes of the artist, to be revealed 13 years after the purchase. A quest hidden inside the drawing. Available also in print, copy (scaled 50×70 or more 100x70cm). By popular request, as it one of the best after-Barcelona drawings … I can do commissions with the same theme on large scale canvases (acrylic).

It is inspired by my Grandfather Iulian’s vintage car Dacia 1300 by Renault. He had a “cream” coloured version (not yellow) but he liked to call it “Blonda” (the Blonde), and he spent all his weekends with her. A trusty companion.

Dacia is the Romanian car built in Pitești based on french Renault technologies, but the name “Dacia” comes from the ancient name of our lands.

Cruel Autumn and her hidden tattoo, 15x21cm black ink

The goddess of thunder herself and her deadly lightning gaze. The perfect vision of the ultimate intuition and queen of the Nightwitches. Undetected, unexpected … wings of beauty in the Darkest Night.

the best way to start your day, the strongest coffee
proper way to use Covid Mask
dark charcoal

She-Wolf, 15×21 cm black ink

Nightfall covers her. A sharpshooter in the dark.

Her fatal Kiss, is all we need …

Și tot ca să încerc ceva nou, prin anul II de facultate luasem din biblioteca mamei aparatul de fotografiat rusesc Zenit / Зени́т ( și cumpărasem un film Ilford alb-negru, să văd cum se făcea pe vremuri.

Până atunci îmi lăsase în excursii numai aparatul ei secundar (mai mic) Smena / Смена … cu care m-am mai jucat prin niște excursii, dar Zenit-ul era “the best out there”, adică din casă.

Țin minte că m-am urcat în Foișorul de Foc, sub pretextul că vizităm muzeul pompierilor, dar ținteam de fapt terasele de sus. Chiar am întrebat dacă se poate urca în lanternou, ultimul nivel pentru care trebuie să treci prin mansardă (

Îmi plăcea mult “Viewfinder”-ul de la Zenit și zgomotul acela mecanic de la declanșator, după ce trăgeai fiecare cadru. M-a costat o avere developarea, dar măcar m-am simțit puțin ca Duran Duran în “A View to a Kill”, coloana sonoră de la filmul din 1985 cu Roger Moore în rolul lui James Bond. Doar că ei erau în turnul Eiffel, iar eu în Foișor.

“Nightfall covers me, but you know the plans I’m making
Still overseas, could it be the whole Earth opening wide
A sacred why, a mystery gaping inside
A week is why, until we”

REVOLUTION SQUARE, 29x42cm Watercolour

S-au întors ‘Dacii să-și termine Revoluția” … cea de acum 30 de ani, începută în 1989. A fost primul gând (prima propoziție) care mi-a venit în minte în timp ce începusem să creionez personajele, imaginându-mi atmosfera de la Revoluție în 1989 : hip-hoperi de la Bug Mafia, maneliști, rockeri și lăutari, pianiști și cântăreți de operă, dansatori, actori și în general artiști de felurite feluri. Cu muzică, manele, pensule și Dans !

Acuarela e realizată în 13.09.2019 la fața locului.

Cum ar fi după 2000 de ani de adormire, să dăm drumul la acel ‘ceva’ peste care ‘stăteam’ de atâta amar de vreme și pe care strămoșii l-au simțit și apărat mereu plătind cu sacrificiul suprem : propria viață. Să ne continuăm revoluția noastră și să ne trezim din “Somnul cel de Moarte” și să îi trezim și pe ceilalți, mai departe. Nu doar revoluția noastră, ci revoluția “Noastră” … în cea mai întunecată noapte de Covid, o “Revoluție a Luminii” – o întoarcere către origini…

Apoi a apărut din neant un domn simpatic mai în vârstă care mi-a spus ce simulacru de revoluție înscenată a fost și că simte că se vor schimba multe lucruri în curând, pentru noi. Cu siguranță, i-am răspuns. Așa simt și eu. Doar “cei din urmă, vor fi cei dintâi nu?”

Apoi mi-a spus ceva în genul că “CERC” înseamnă DUMNEZEU și de la care ar veni și … “A ÎNCERCA”

Revoluția Română din 1989 și modul cum a fost cercetată și apoi metabolizată de către mentalul colectiv m-a intrigat întotdeauna, prinzând multe subiecte pe temă și realizând și un set de acuarele în alb și negru, inspirat fiind de frații Roncea, George și Victor … jurnaliști și fotografi în prima linie în acea perioadă de tulburi amintiri și după, la Mineriade.

Lucrarea este inspirată dintr-o schiță în acuarelă mai veche, realizată în preajma protestelor Diaspora 2018 – Piața Victoriei din August, în care vedeam forma de manifest / protest mai creativă. O rezistență prin artă, fiind alimentat creativ de grupul Urban Sketchers România și al lor manifest :

și protestul din fața TNB, la care am participat doar eu cu Ioana din grupul USK :

alte imagini de la sesiunea de desen din 13.09.2019

Monumentul dedicat Revoluției a fost întodeauna unul contestat, supranuit în mod ironic și “Țeapa” făcându-se referire la așa-zisa Revoluție confiscată apoi de eșalonul 2 din PCR prin înăbușirea protestelor tinerilor, în sânge. Totuși, a fost o acțiune a unui graffer care m-a impresionat întotdeauna. “Kero” a făcut un gest epic și filmat (era pe Youtube) prin care a aruncat o pungă cu vopsea roșie fix în joncțiunea dintre ou și țepușă, dând un dramatism excepțional sculpturii … exact ce îi lipsea. Cine nu spunea că geniul artistului creator nu se împletește cu trăirea artistului de stradă ? Doar în București … #perfecțiune

OUG 13 – Combustion

Internal Awakening / Explosion / Ignition

Painting done in Barcelona thinking about 2017 and the feelings of the Romanian society back then – an internal combustion of tremendous force generated by 30 years of high pressure applied by politics and injustice upon the people.

This combustion ignited a collective awakening, similar to an engine start.

I found the Diesel Comparison very good here :

The diesel engine, named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to the mechanical compression (adiabatic compression ), thus, the diesel engine is a so-called compressionignition engine (CI engine).

Nürnberg, 14x20cm black ink on sepia paper

Back in 2004 I did not know about the Nuremberg Trials of the Second World War, but I found this interesting image in my Mother’s archive and thought it would be a nice subject to draw. I love the double arched bridge and the feeling, the calmness of the water …

Later on I found that Nurnberg was the place the International Court exonerated the Romanian Legionary Movement (far right) of war-crimes and fascism accusations :

Smoke on the Water, 14×20 cm drawing

Inspired both by the iconic Deep Purple song and its prophetical lyrics and the shamanical beliefs of Mongolia of the Spirit Wolf (the Sun in some cultures) glazing and guarding, guiding from above.,_religion_and_mythology

We all came out to Montreux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didn’t have much time
Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

They burned down the gambling house
It died with an awful sound
Funky Claude was running in and out
Pulling kids out the ground
When it all was over
We had to find another place
But Swiss time was running out
It seemed that we would lose the race

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

We ended up at the Grand hotel
It was empty cold and bare
But with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside
Making our music there
With a few red lights and a few old beds
We make a place to sweat
No matter what we get out of this
I know we’ll never forget

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

Before ’89, 13x19cm 2 watercolours

It was one of my first sketch-sessions with the Urban Sketchers group in 2018, coming back from psychiatry trips and all that jive. Still a bit dark and cold in my soul, so I used blues and gloomy atmosphere. We were drawing Revolution Square in Bucharest, Victoriei Avenue, Crețulescu church etc.

One of the sketchers there, Carmen, who later on proved a real friend asked me in her always cheerful mood, with a large smile “What is this, Radu? Is this Bucharest before 1989?” (n.ed. : Romanian Revolution year, fall of communism). I found it so fitting, that I named the two watercolours this way : Before ’89 (Înainte de ’89) and Strike (before ’89), also adding some people and revolutionary flags, that obviously were not on the streets in 2018.

LET THE HUNT BEGIN ! 15x21cm drawings








[sold] The “Greek Church” in Bucharest, 15x21cm watercolour

Made in 2018 with the wonderful Urban Sketchers Group in Bucharest

more on the initiative :

And below an Urban Sketch done recently with a dear Professor working on his book about ancient mystical Bucharest, sorry – the original text is in Romanian Language only

“Arhitectura fara istorie, este ca berea fara tigara” Neumarkt, filozoful ( o variantă mitică de Nietzsche ).


Dimineti *dense* cu Silviu. Craciun Silviu. Prof. Silviu Craciun care lucreaza la cartea sa de istorie, “Istoria Bucurestiului” SV 🌹

Putin ‘prafuit’, dar mi-a cerut o tigara. Si am inceput. Am povestit multe: de la barbati, la femei, orgii sexuale, libertarianism, barcelona, swinging, poliandrie pana la imperiul roman, daci, gali, celti, gastronomie in Imperiul Roman, crestinism si islam… si terminand expunerea la Bucuresti, despre Primarul Pache Protopopescu si demolarea Bisericii Caimatei, pentru a trasa axa Est-Vest, rezervorul de apa Foisorul de Foc, Balcescu si … Muzica Rock. Apoi despre petrol si foraje la mare adacime. La 6025m … Laborant 😍Evident, ultima parte cea mai interesanta…

Poti sa iti bei cafeaua cu aroma de fitse si nici macar la Coffee Ink sau poti sa iti bei cafeaua pe banca, la Izvorul Rece cu Silviu, la un Neumarkt si o tigara. Si sa ii canti melodia preferata 😍 Black Dog – Led Zeppelin III . Stii deja ca e pe treaba lui omul, de cand spune si cifra in spatele formatiei LZ. Mk3

Dar salamul de biscuiti tot cu Georgiana Niculae il mananc 😍

#mai iau tigari ➕

Dens, ca ma doare capul. Multumesc domnule profesor… Mark 1

#istorie 101

dacă stau să mă gândesc, semăna izbitor cu Neluțu, enjoying life to the max …

@ Biserica Greceasca / The Greek Church

VLAD, the “plastic surgeon” 24x32cm ink and marker on paper

Heraldics and Impaling at …where else ? “Pensiunea Vládutz” 💛 in Babadag…
darling name for Vlád, derived probably from Vlad Țepés, historical romanian figure, ruler of the Southern Lands (Tara Româneascá) who was also nicknamed the “Impaler” or even “Vlad Dracul” or “Dráculea” (Devil) for his gruesome, evil yet effective ways of keeping the ottomans away from the country 🇷🇴, defending age-old traditions and his people …

I highly recommend the communist era movie “Vlad Dráculea”, especially the 5 minute scene in the church called “Vlad Tepes marturisind Dreapta Credinta” (Vlad … confessing the ‘Right’ faith) – a memorable philosophical dialogue between the Priest in the church and Vlad, reigning justice with godlike power, while making you think …how christianity mixed with our local spirituality. Lavinia once said that “If Vlad turned around the -other cheek- we would be speaking in Turkish now… #dacicways
[Spoilers included] 🧛‍♂️

Tough times needed tougher solutions and Vlád was the one to do it. Sneaking up to his adversaries, going in or out the fortresses or monasteries undercover, using secret gateways that hallucinated enemies, disguised as beggar to spy on population and even attacking at night the ottoman camps for quick assasinations, ‘going medieval’ on their asses, hit-and-run situations … all were his specialty. If the “chivalry” code prohibited something, Vlád broke it and got away with it, as nothing would make him stop from his inner mission he felt, to defend, to serve, to protect the country and his loved ones.

Nobody actually knows where he is even buried or if he is still maybe alive, hiding, stalking and prowling from the deepest, darkest corner of our history…with his silver dagger gleaming in the night of your worst nightmare 🤭

No wonder he was such a source of inspirations for many legends connected with vampires that came tumbling down history channels and even made blockbusters by the likes of Bram Stoker, in his monumental epic “Dracula”. Bran Castle became Dracula Castle, Poenari Citadel became haunted Vlad Dracul Ghost Fortress in the Mountains, attractions started as “Dracula Park” etc. Even România became world famous with this PR Stunt or genious unwanted campaign of Bram Stoker, offending romanians and history, but generating huge worldwide interest, millions of people (such as dearest Ujin Ujin 🥰 ) just coming to România to check the facts from legends, see if vampires or werewolves exist and discover a beautiful wild, untamed country 🇷🇴

Untamed both in nature and human spirit, as corruption goes in our veins a long way, many Romanians inheriting the werewolf vampire ways of ancient dacian wolf people but the wrong way around, blood and money thirsty but eating each other unfortunately, instead of becoming United 🇷🇴 and start “eating” a common enemy… An unseen “virus” , an ideological-radical brain depleted army of zombies, “poverty” , hate, misunderstanding…

“Cum nu vii tu, Ţepeş doamne, ca punând mâna pe ei,
Să-i împarţi în două cete: în smintiţi şi în mişei,
Şi în două temniţi large cu de-a sila să-i aduni,
Să dai foc la puşcărie şi la casa de nebuni!”

I agree with Mihai Eminescu’s lyrics here 🇷🇴 as the ‘madhouse’ …”used to be a fun house, but now is only made of evil clowns” / Pink & Eminescu


#fiecare .cu teapa lui ☪️
#padure de tepe
#bloodlust #history #dacians
#vampires #daybreakers #vampires
#blade #werewolftheapocalypse
#werewolves #nightmare #unirea #unireafacediferenta


“Noche Entera” series 2020, 15x21cm white ink on black paper

Inspired by the COVID19 generated MIST in society, I decided to try out some poetry and sketches related to a beautiful quote by Brené Brown : “The Dark does not destroy the light, it defines it. It is our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.”

and also the much more biblical John 1:5 (John the Revelator) “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

This series, inspired by our sunny manzana in Gran Via 476 and the good vibes around it (Thank you again Andalusia! what a rare Angel in these troubled times) is available individually or sold together. A story about survival with music, fun times and keeping our friends morale up in Sunny Barcelona, with Gipsy Kings, Bazookas, Paper Airplanes, Oriental Music (“Manele”), Azucar Moreno and Queen (because of the sketchbook, each drawing is a double one mostly), only 4 A5 15x21cm format available :

And the ones below were given as gifts, but are part of the series :

this is for ERI RAMIREZ, dear friend tattoo artist and freedom fighter 🙂 together with the poem TOMBAR AQUI (on the backside)

Richie Rich – Motosheriff, 12x18cm watercolour

…after the wave of the pandemic hit hard on the fragile turning more fragile by-day humanity, all the souls were left stripped of their masks and down to their very core of being, showing the people’s real faces, raw and uncut, ugly or beautiful. Coronavirus epidemy (turned into pandemic by the global hysteria) was maybe just a blessed god-sent catalyst that accelerated our collision with destiny, stopping us from self-destruction.

The darkest mist in the deepest night closed us inside our homes in order to open our hearts to each other, and learn what we forgot during all the past years ….to live life again, work together as a team to stop an invisible common enemy, to love and enjoy the sun, to disband religions, spiritual cacophonies, melting borders and to become one with another, the true call of humanity regained…

The apocalypse of the feeble minded, the rebirth of nature and yet, turning another page in history … 🌼

Meeting Richie in Barcelona was such a revelation. A true friend, motorcycle instructor but most important human with real feelings and seeing clearly around him what is happening, the ugliness, the decay of the human spirit. Buying a scooter from him was such a luck, but maybe it should be like this. My first 2 wheeler, a TAIWAN-made 125cc SYM – FIDDLE III to match my XIAOMI MY MIX 2 , chinese smart-phone and companion in dirty deeds.

Taking into account all warnings I decided to take the Fiddler on the Roof (like in the movie I watched with Alice while in Barcelona) to an initiation trip. After a thorough study I decided to go to REUS, birthplace of famous catalan architect ANTONIO GAUDI. The sensation of freedom, the road, the weather … was beyond description. Biblical. The photos speak for themselves and the watercolour is inspired by Richie, not so Rich outside but …. very Rich inside, where it matters most I think :

[sold] N. Iorga Memorial House – Vălenii de Munte, Prahova RO – 15x21cm watercolour

Exploring and researching the roots of your family can take you to Vălenii de Munte – a mountain village turned to city recently with architectural gems such as this one – the Memorial House of our great thinker and philosopher Nicolae Iorga, a titan of culture. However, as România’s shaken and earthquake history has got us used, even Nicolae Iorga had some nasty encounters from a philosophical point-of-view with the Legionary Movement led by fierce “Captain” Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. However, not ordered in by Codreanu, but Nicolae Iorga ended up assasinated by the “greens” and the rest is history, a deep, dark and still not understood fully even until today, the reason for many political unrest and society cacophonies still hitting us.

You can read more about the house here :

This movie, “Drumeț în Calea Lupilor” (Wanderer in the path of Wolves) is a total romanian cinematographical gem of the communist era, yet not very known about. It starts with the infamous tagline by Iorga himself : “Cine uită, nu merită” (He whom forgets, doesn’t deserve) – a powerful insight on the tendency of men to forget where they come from in their continuous run for the unknown, N. Iorga being a total encyclopedia of history, culture and romanian traditions, an ardent patriot with different views than many. An interesting fact about this movie is that the actor playing fierce Legionary commander Horia Sima (second in charge of the “Legion”, after Cpt. Corneliu Codreanu’s brutal assasination by king Carol II) actually did a great job impersonating the historical figure’, agitated and exalted style with impassionate speeches but a more cold-hearted, deadshot attitude than warm and charismatic Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the fact that the Legion faded away from Romanian leadership prime to the mist of fascism tendencies, Marshall Ion Antonescu conflicts and Hitlerist Germany allegiance. Soon after the movie was finished, the actor became a monk, a really interesting fact because the Legion was indeed infused with many Orthodox and Christian themed rhetoric, the leaders being seen as saints and the ultimate vision depicted by Captain Codreanu was “Biruința Legionară” – the Romanian ultimate desire, end-goal of sanctifying the Country (“Ca soarele Sfânt de pe Cer !”).

My grandfather and his family lived somewhere around here, on 5 Mihai Eminescu street … but we could not locate precisely the house or the parcel. But the experience of the search was worth it. We only had my mother’ memory of hearing her family saying that “They could hear Iorga’s lessons from their porch” – maybe romanced a bit, since Eminescu street is kilometeres away from N. Iorga’s memorial house, but still … maybe we got something wrong and they could really hear the historical speeches.

[sold] Popa Nan 34, 21x29cm watercolor on paper

A building that always fascinated me for its architectural configuration, deep shadows, castle-like mistery and vegetation covering it most of the year. This gem was designed by architect George Damian and built during the Second World War, one of his best works and it is located on Popa Nan Street, corner with Mecet Street (a word of turkish descent meaning a small mosque – smaller than a Geamy, place of prayer or even cemetery or even “a thing done very good” – in Oltenian slang, sturdy big building). Maybe the turkish infused neighbourhood (“Mahala”) was also a source for the inspiration of the architect, implementing a “Mauric” style, a discreet yet strikingly beautiful style present all over Bucharest. This was also the building in which Maria Tănase, world famous folk singer lived.

Here was the building that my dear friend and drawing teacher was holding training classes as assistant for arch. Costantin “Costi” Ciurea, preparing future generations of architects.

More on Popa Nan :

Excerpt from the online read :

” (…) În anul 1719, Mitopolia Bucureştilor trimite pe tânărul Popa Nan să înfiinţeze o parohie nouă în partea de nord-est a Bucureştilor, în „Plasa Târgului din afară”, la una din cele treisprezece bariere prin care se putea intra în oraş, acolo unde livezile de duzi, de cireşi, de vişini şi de caişi adunaseră o mână de oameni muncitori, care se ocupau cu creşterea viermilor de mătase şi cu comerţul fructelor. (…) “

and a great song about Popa Nan :

Maria Tănase legacy :

Neoromânesc la Izvorul Rece, 21x29cm watercolour and marker

Near “Izvorul Rece” park there are plenty of architectural gems such as the Foișorul de Foc (Fire Watchtower) or the Greek Church. But I think the most interesting ones lie deep in the unknown, such as this church-like architectural gem situated on Dimitrie Racoviță street, corner with Lunei.

A building so beautiful that inspired me to write this small text, about universality versus individuality from an architectural point of view :

Biserica Sf. Anton – București, 21x29cm ink on paper

Saint Anthony Church in Bucharest, near the city center “Curtea Veche”, the nexus of our medieval rulers. A drawing made in 2018 with the Urban Sketchers group in Bucharest, next to my dear friend and architect Mircea Corcodel, back-to-back and talking about architecture, Club A and the AAA Asociația Arhitecților Acuareliști (Romanian Watercolourist Association – connected to the IWS România, International Watercolour Society).

St. Anton Church also holds a very special place in my heart. It is the place where my parents had their religious wedding and also the very place I met Alis back in 2018, the first time I went to an Urban Sketchers meeting. Mircea was also there, an eyewitness and a great charismatic, talkative host making a first-timer Urban Sketcher like me feel comfortable and very close to the group.

More about the Urban Sketchers :

Orthodox Church Barcelona, 6x10cm ink sketch and acrylic

Drawing on “Acatist” paper never felt so good. I had the time of my life sketching while listening to the priest doing his thing there. People were nice and the building amazing. Such a deep understanding of the romanian architecture and spirit from an apparently foreign architectural practice mesmerized me, .

They were also very nice to reply to my email, and invited me to visit the church and annexes.

“ACATIST” paper is nothing special, just a plain paper cut to small size in order to place, to write a wish for the priest to send to God.

Roman, The Adventure. 10x18cm ink on paper (digital)

Having a friend archaeologist like Cristian is not easy, but it is highly rewarding. He is such an inspiration in reading, researching, hard-work and a lot of philosophy. A gift, done while working for Credo Design. This is a printed version (because the colours are digital). “Indiana Jones” together with Aurora original signature … the moral author of the drawing.

Twin Wood Houses, 5x6cm cutouts, ink on paper

Part of a series made for 1st of March, Dacic New Year and Mărțișor / Martenitsa traditions of giving a gift to a girl / loved one as an act of rejoice with the nature. A celebration of spring :

Here there are two buildings specific of the Village Museum (the whole series was wood – village museum orientated) : in the left side a wooden orthodox church, and on the right a buried type of “Bordei” …

DRAKARYS, 21x29cm marker & acrylic sketch series

Apocalypse series inspired by the SOL EDAD sketches. This rough drawings were made for a larger painting, but I like them so much I find the series as interesting as the final work. Fascinated by the light and the encapsulated light energy of orthodoxy, I ve pictured the light playing around characters, buildings, emotions

STALKER, 42x42cm watercolour on paper

“STALKER” (or CĂLĂUZA in Romania) / NIGHT TRAIN is a 42x42cm watercolour on hard 600g paper

Inspired by the Metro L1 Plaza Espana Watercolour, I did a remake with the Romanian version of the metro wagon, the most impacting-like “Bombardier” named train, at Victoriei (Victory) Square. The exact train name in the photos was “Casimcea” (from the turkish name Kasim – The Generous One), a village from Dobrogea part of România with interesting legends about a never-ending river in which even the Babadag Pascha’s son found his death, during the Ottoman occupation of Dobrogea.

The process was fun also, as I did 6 or 7 pre-sketches to get the best feeling out of the painting, the video being online :

SOL EDAD, 29x42cm ink & acrylic yellow series

While back in Bucharest in 20.06.2020 I was struck by fellow-romanians depression and I feel the need to get out a bit, enjoy the sun and a smoke with the friendly guys from Coffee Ink Shop. Romania was extremely low morale and the pandemic almost killed the human spirit or what was left of it here. A fire and smoke theme I thought it was appropiate, as the Age of Sun (Sol Edad or Edad del Sol) seemed to be drawing near.

Sibiu, România 18x27cm ink on paper (etching)

Sibiu drawn in 2003. A city destined to change my life forever, a city where a significant part of the family resided, with my dear cousin Karina and her friend Ioana helping us through a lot of projects, exhibitions.

In 2007, the first year Sibiu was European Capital of Culture we had our first exhibition there, in the Asylum Church with help from Ioana Balteșiu as top organiser, all part of the student project (workshop) ArDealu Frumos, more here

Cornu – Prahova, 21x29cm Watercolours, poems (Ro)

Its the inner fire of another’s person you feel, not his look, nor his talking or CV, or even what you know before about him. That is the same thing you can feel around Ana-Maria, one of the most intense women on earth, being put through a lot of hell in her life, in all departments. A fierceful Leo, one night out with her can spark your creativity beyond reasoning, and you end up all night painting and writing poems for the very first time in your life. This is Ana, and if you ever have the honour to meet her in full beast mode, having her around as your friend will change your life forever.

Poems and watercolours were designed for Cornu historical monument dedicated to war heroes, for a brass plated memorial “text”.

More on the project :

Waterpoetry, 21x29cm watercolours with poems

Post Coronavirus (Covid19) inspired works. After the wave of the pandemic hit humanity, all the souls were left stripped of their masks and down to their very core of being, showing the people’s real faces, raw and uncut, ugly or beautiful. Coronavirus epidemy (turned into pandemic by the global hysteria) was maybe just a blessed god-sent catalyst that closed us inside our homes in order to open our hearts to each other, and learn what we forgot during all these times : to live life again, to love and enjoy the sun, to disband religion and to become one with another, the true call of humanity regained.

Arch of Triumph – Bucharest, 21x29cm watercolour

Black as my soul, and dark as the pain I felt deep within as I saw all of what I loved most around me, crumbling away in the face of the futile destiny of impotence. The desire to change, the endless quest of searching for your long lost team from 2007 with whom you designed workshops and driven student ideas, without teacher guidance or any other interest.

The Arch of Triumph is a symbol of unity, a petrified song of the Romanian Dream come to life, the 1918 Union, birhcertificate of the National Modern Romanian State. This watercolour was done at Urban Sketchers in 2018, and as I recall someone from outside the group said that is very dark and intense. I almost forgot that inner long lost part of me, the loneliness and the melody, the dark call of my interior melancholy…

more on the project at Credo Design :

ESTOCADA, 15x21cm watercolour sketch

You just got to love this tool, handmade by Cristian Brânzescu of Urban Sketchers. Alis used it to draw a symbol on my chest, an “Espiral al Centro del Corazon”. Yes, Barcelona artwork and experiments go on a long way, so did we, pushing the chemistry of our art beyond my wildest dreams, making me understand myself better. As my connection with Alice was getting deeper and more profound than ever, I felt like the drawing was actually made by me, through her … The watercolour below is an after sketch of the image that scared me a bit …

We have called it “Estocada” after the famous Spanish sword stab that the “Matador” uses to finish off the bull, killing it in one single, fierce blow.

OBLIVION a GLORIÉS, 21x29cm ink&rusty wash

Painting with Alis’s rusty dust can be fun, but not if you dont know how to do it. And drop more on the paper. Why not ? Looks like an Apocalypse 😀

Sketch made in 17.01.2020, before Corona Virus arrived. But I dont believe in Premonitions or Intuition, just wicked randomness of the universe maybe ? … Destiny has a funny path, like the Romanian saying goes “Totul e bine când se termină pe tine”… yes, it is a porn-movie reference allright. Downright. Deep down right 🙂

Always wondered if artists should also have a RedTube page or YouPorn, well if they want to experiment more with their art and Youtube or Facebook / Instagram does not allow it. Sharing is caring. Sharing links, please…

Plaza Glories with Torre Agbar in the background, the railway knot that I love most, leaving Plaza Catalunya and onward North. Trainspotting with the tallest building designed by a top French architect, expert in the arab world (Institut du Monde Arabe is … just amazing) was never this fun. And the Inkyfingers company, well, funny also 🙂 A nice company, as anarquista it can be and shy with strangers … 🙂 Catalans, always skeptical jeje. Also the flea market in the left part of the drawing. This moment was awesome, as trains were flying all over the place … AMB Metro, Sabadell, Terrassa, Tarragona (joking, is the other way around jeje). Glories is such a nice and diverse endpoint, with a big museum and exhibitional complex in the middle. Always thought an exhibition there would be awesome… with Urban Sketchers, how else ? … why go solo when you have such a nice team with you ? Im okay with my bike and some love… if any in this world, but Make them shine like no tommorow !

It is said that love is food for your heart … :)) and if energies mix perfectly, you dont even have to eat anything … happened once at Comana Monastery. Not perfect, but a hint … Solar Monks can truly exist it seems. Godspeed !

Comana Monastery,19x19cm ink on cardboard

2018 Sketch made right in the moment friend and architect Mugur Popa of Urban Sketchers Romania Group told us : “Fuck those phones, lets draw!” … a memorable line that will go down in time, for that we were all focusing on mobile phones, facebook posts, our online false avatars and illusion of a life and we were completely missing real life : raw and cut, lively, under the sun, natural and wild. I always had this kind of love-hate relationship with him, because both a bit hard-headed, but I always admired his artistic fire, leading this wild lively group to the most wonderful trips and moments yet to be told. His “artistic flight” well beyond reach for many, he did not mind for small fights, nor enjoyed them but see them just as parts of life … the blackest of them souls, giving the one of the most unrivaled, bright and inspiring lights. You can see his artwork and even buy online, – he was one of the most wonderful “flights” painted, “marines” – seascapes and more. Rest-assured be that one of this painting will bring your daily life the “uplift” current you need to take-off or the necessary “wind” in your veils (yes, he is from Constanța and also a trained sailor, captain)

The Comana Monastery Trip in 2018 was one of the most beautiful we organized together up to date. Five cars full of painters and a moment that could melt hearts and literally make you forget even to eat, for you were feeding on the energy of the group and its artistic fervour. Unbelievable and uplifting, at one of the most if not the most beautiful Monasteries in Romania : Vlad Țepeș ‘s swampy Comana, set in the mysterious, labyrintical and mystical natural settings of the Neajlov Delta, a wonder of nature near Bucharest. A natural landscape you will not easily forget if you decide to visit, you will also enjoy the Adventure Park, nice meals, traditions and history and of course the Monastery led by wonderful monks, fond of culture and Romanian History, with a fire inside them that can melt even the iciest hearts, showing them the portal to history and also the Heroes Cult, having many activities dedicated to war heroes, memorial architecture and other historical tributes, all in the name of the Romanian destiny.

Below more photos from the event, 15 july 2018 :

billboard – logo / poster design for the event
my greatest joy of the Urban Sketchers Trip to Comana Monastery in 2018 was making the poor children and beggars around Comana to come paint with us, showing them that we are all inside in fact an artist and we can achieve anything we want, sketching our inner wildest dreams with only a pen and some paper. And Desire. A sparkling creative group, USK, sparking communities, ideas in others … to wake up and go on, go create and change the world …

OUG13-Implosion, 20x28cm watercolour

An implosion is the abrupt, violent collapse of something large. When an old building needs to be removed to make way for new structures, implosion is often used as a controlled way to destroy it.

The painting depicts the very thing I felt in my heart … back in 2017 in the Romanian Spring Protests (Arab Summer kind of way) when I felt everything inside exploding, history, values, virtues .. all the political unrest coming crushing down on the backbone of why we existed, because of our own indifference … and I decided not to hit Jandarmerie, nor to Boycott protesters for both sides where right … to take a walk to Comana Monastery, to cooloff, just to be deemed maniac and bipolar, and then haunted 3 years by family, friends and everyone else … for having too intense emotions….

I called it back then … 1989-2017 = 30 years, one revolution …a revolution of our generation

This is a re-make after the original OUG 13 Explosion painting, based on Romania’s National Flag, a gradient feeling and the turmoil of our society.

This design is based on the correct “cocarda” design, with the Blue (deep Sadness I thought …) in the middle.

House of Sun – Bucur, 21x30cm ink on paper

2017 Inktober challenge drawing

Formerly named “Casa Soare” (House of Sun), or House Bucur (from Bucur=Joy) Bucharest city name. The beautiful house is an epitome of neoromanian architecture at its prime, full with ornated arches, a modern boyar building with the air of a country villa, with an architecture style remembering age-old monasteries, maintaining traditions and the Romanian (Românesc) architectural language, our culture and identity. A must see building, now hosts a nice restaurant with good food. Here i met and “seal the deal” with my ex-partner in crimes girl Lavinia, hence the two silhouettes seen between the columns. She was a real support and we initiated some crazy architectural projects and workgroups together, called “Atelierul din Hamac” – Hammock Workshop

Căldărușani Monastery, 21x28cm watercolour

Căldărușani Monastery lies 30 km. from Bucharest to the North-East, on the shore of the homonymous lake. The monastery lies in an 125 Hectare natural reserve which includes many different trees and forest flowers. It was built in 1637-1638 (in 100 days sharp) by Matei Basarab on the spot of a former convent.

Vila Pisani – Stables, 21x29cm ink on paper

Villa Pisani, the “Queen” of the world – famous venetian villas, is one of the main tourist attractions in the Veneto Region. The fine villa of the noble Pisani family lies along the Riviera del Brenta, an ideal extension of Venetian Gran Canal on the land, 10 minutes away from Padua and 20 from Venice. more online :

Flowers of Dawn,19x20cm watercolour

As the mists sets in, our worries amplify and we reach for any light that can bring us hope. In the darkest night, in the deepest darkest dark, we ask for one spark, just one glimpse of light and optimism and we hold onto that like gold. We hold on the light until the mist lifts and our hearts are light again, we open our windows, breathe the air, we pick up the flowers still living and … enjoy life again. The Dawn is here …

Divided, 21x29cm b&w watercolour

inspired and made in 2017 by the february Protests “Revolution of our Generation” – slow, but finally finished in 2020 … because of the still awake young generation

excerpt from wikipedia :

There have been numerous protests against the Romanian Government between 2017 and 2019. In January 2017, days after the government of the Grindeanu Cabinet was sworn into office in Romania, protests took place throughout the country against ordinance bills that were proposed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice regarding the pardoning of certain committed crimes, and the amendment of the Penal Code of Romania (especially regarding the abuse of power).[41] At the heart of these protests is the community Corruption Kills, founded by Florin Bădiță, who alongside other civic groups organized what proved to be the largest protests since 1989, thus realizing the “Revolution of our generation”.[42][43]

Despite the negative reactions from both the judicial institutions and the public, the newly sworn-in government secretly approved an ordinance modifying the Penal Code and Penal Procedure Code during the night of 31 January.[44][45]

Anghel Saligny Silos, 29x42cm watercolour

The Anghel Saligny silos are an ensemble of historical monuments located on the territory of Constanta. The silos built between 1904-1909 and 1912-1915 by engineer Anghel Saligny are located at berths 17-18 of the Constanta Port, 45 meters high and 30,000 tons each.

More on the subject from the original article :