Retiarius, 20x30cm watercolour, 110€

the RETIARIUS is clearly my favorite gladiator. Throwing his weighted fishnet on his enemy and then jabbing lightning-fast with his trident (or “fuscina”).

Light armored but if mastered can bring heavy damage and take on 2 or 3 secutors at once. A trap-styled fighter, chaotic in style but with deadly efficiency. Saw him in 2018 in our “Wolf Age” workshop.

Maybe this all CoronaVirus / Covid19 pandemic is just God’s big fishnet, a “rain” to wash away our “real masks”

A stop on this moral corrupt world of : wars, famine, crooked politics, religion generated conflicts, terrorism, greed, lust, inhuman domain of psychiatry and its “depression as state of mind”-vibe induced to society (a trend now), expired democracy … the *cancer* of this lost humanity.

2020, november watercolour

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