Arch of Triumph – Bucharest, 21x29cm watercolour, 100€

Black as my soul, and dark as the pain I felt deep within as I saw all of what I loved most around me, crumbling away in the face of the futile destiny of impotence. The desire to change, the endless quest of searching for your long lost team from 2007 with whom you designed workshops and driven student ideas, without teacher guidance or any other interest.

The Arch of Triumph is a symbol of unity, a petrified song of the Romanian Dream come to life, the 1918 Union, birhcertificate of the National Modern Romanian State. This watercolour was done at Urban Sketchers in 2018, and as I recall someone from outside the group said that is very dark and intense. I almost forgot that inner long lost part of me, the loneliness and the melody, the dark call of my interior melancholy…

more on the project at Credo Design :

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