House of Sun – Bucur, 21x30cm ink on paper, 70€

2017 Inktober challenge drawing

Formerly named “Casa Soare” (House of Sun), or House Bucur (from Bucur=Joy) Bucharest city name. The beautiful house is an epitome of neoromanian architecture at its prime, full with ornated arches, a modern boyar building with the air of a country villa, with an architecture style remembering age-old monasteries, maintaining traditions and the Romanian (Românesc) architectural language, our culture and identity. A must see building, now hosts a nice restaurant with good food. Here i met and “seal the deal” with my ex-partner in crimes girl Lavinia, hence the two silhouettes seen between the columns. She was a real support and we initiated some crazy architectural projects and workgroups together, called “Atelierul din Hamac” – Hammock Workshop

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